Keyboard Polling Rate?

What is the polling rate in the Can it be increased (to say 1000hz)?

With the firmware we currently have 1khz should work.

Sweet. Any idea what’s default?

We’re still investigating how it affects battery life and set the default as high as makes sense.

The firmware is based on QMK, which will scan the keys as fast as possible by default.
And it’s USB poll rate is set to 1kHz also by default.

However even if we decide to reduce it for battery life, you’ll have the ability to build your own firmware and change it.


Sweet. Now other enthusiasts can find this thread / info :slight_smile:

Does that also include the original 12th gen Framework? I read that the Framework 16 was based on QMK, but is that also the case for older keyboards?

No, all other models (Framework 13) don’t use QMK keyboard firmware.
Their keyboards are handled by the embedded controller.
For example, see: EmbeddedController/keyboard_customization.c at hx20-hx30 · FrameworkComputer/EmbeddedController · GitHub

The Framework 16 keyboard is connected to the system via USB and basically behaves like a standalone keyboard.


Ah so the new Framework 13 (AMD) also will have the embedded controller, not USB, for the keyboard?

Yes, the AMD Framework 13 has a similar architecture compared to the Intel Framework 13 generations.