KVM (hardware) with Fedora 35

I’m attempting to use a KVM with my new laptop, but running into problems of the kvm monitor being lost to Fedora whenever I switch away and back. After switching away and back, the monitor remains undetectable until I reboot. The KVM has an “active” DisplayPort and an active displayport cable connecting to the top. The arrangement works well with Win 10, on both my other laptop and in dual boot on my Framework and I can switch to and from without loosing the monitor or changing resolution. This seems to narrow things down to something Fedora specific, and I’m hoping someone here might know the secret words.

Thank you!

idk if you’re talking about os passover (host unusable while guest running) or not, for maximum perf.

But for making a VM (having both host and guest running), quickemu is a fair choice!

Nah. A hardware KVM switch. The existence of the popular VM package pretty much makes Google useless for the topic.

Is Fedora on the whole time? I know when I wanted to connect to my dock, I had to modify the power settings so it wouldn’t try to go to sleep when I closed the lid. Not sure if that’s what you’re experiencing.

I have my setup hooked into a KVM as well, but I have a full USB-C Dock for the Framework Laptop to plug into first, I haven’t had an issue with that setup, but the dock keeps the connection active and the laptop awake, so that’s why sleep settings are my first guess for someone just going straight to the KVM.

Fedora is on the whole time. I run with laptos open and monitor 2 on the KVM. I suspect its a difference between an active Display Port Connection and an active usb c connection. May I ask the brand/model of your dock? I dont mind running through one ifnit solves my issue.

@Andrew_Clayborne_Jon Here it is, I don’t know how useful it might be since it only has the one display port. I use mine for the dual HDMI’s. I’ve also linked my KVM, if that helps at all too.