A/B box half works with DisplayPort and Ubuntu

Hi everyone, I have an odd problem with DisplayPort and Ubuntu 22.04 LTS on FW 13. The cable runs through an adapter, A/B box, and then to the monitor, so two computers can share the same monitor.

When I switch to the other computer, the Framework correctly detects that the monitor’s gone and reconfigures the desktop, but when I switch back, it does not detect that the monitor’s reconnected unless I unplug the cable and plug it back in. The other computer, whether Mac or Windows, correctly detects the monitor’s return. I get the same behavior under both Wayland and X.

Any suggestions on where to start troubleshooting this problem before I start randomly swapping hardware?

Thanks much!

Actually - what you’d want is a KVM switch which handles the screen and keyboard/mouse, and keeps a valid display signal alive while you are on the other screen.

Thanks, I’ve been looking for switches that try not to scramble your window positions, but I was wondering if there’s a patch for the current setup to get the display manager to even recognize that the monitor has come back. But you’re right, I should probably look at either a KVM switch with an EDID emulator or an adapter that can do it.