Cannot connect to monitor via KVM

Hi all, I’ve been trying to get my laptop to connect to my monitors via a hardware kvm with no luck. The monitors are showing ‘no signal coming from your computer, press any key to wake it up’.

Connecting directly to the monitors bypassing the kvm works perfectly, and going Monitor > Kvm > Desktop with the same cables/kvm ports also works perfectly.

I occasionally receive a ‘USB device not recognized’ warning popup on my laptop 30 seconds or so after plugging it in.

My goal is to daisy chain 3 (or have the 3rd via a second port) but I can’t get it working individually either. Everything seems to point to either the laptop or the expansion cards. Any ideas or things I have missed?

Additional info:

  • The usb passthrough on the kvm → usb port works
  • I have 2 gen 2 DP exp cards with the same results on various ports.
  • Same results on bot fancy new 1440p monitors and my old Dell 1050p
  • Monitor → kvm → dp expansion card → macbook doesn’t work (though that may be unrelated)
  • rebooting monitor/laptop/kvm has no effect
  • all cables are displayport with various specs.

Result from Framework_ReadVersion.exe: 0:Starting Device Discovery.0: Searching for HID Firmware Update Device0 -

OS: Windows 11
Framework 13 DIY edition - 13th gen Intel
Displayport expansion cards (2nd Gen)