Laptop donation/sponsorship program

Hey Framework team, very excited to see the Framework Outlet go live! These are the types of things that so many of us love about the company, further leaning into the mission of sustainability and availability.

One thing that I think would be great to consider to that end would be a “sponsorship” program, where people could purchase these “B-stock” laptops, which would then be shipped to developing countries to help bridge the digital divide.

World Computer Exchange is a non-profit which accepts laptop donations for this purpose, so partnering with them may make sense.


The laptop is close too $1k after fitting the missing parts. I personally think thats a bit expensive to send to Africa just to get someone on the internet.

Traditionaly they have been sending computers around $100, which is adequate for the web. The plus side is that it affects 10 times the people.

Yes admittedly it is expensive, especially if the goal is just internet access. That changes a bit when you consider they may be used for programming education (which WCE is partially involved with in some places), though it’s still overkill by several hundred dollars.

More generally, I think there is some sort of partnership here that could be beneficial in the long term, especially as these laptops age. Framework may not have the resources available for a buyback/refurbishing program for quite some time, but WCE could contribute in that way, for people who would be open to donating

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Instead of donating just money, they could take old framework laptops too. Fixing and refurbishing as needed with the donations.

But maybe they would need there laptops to get a little older.

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