Thank you, Framework team

I want to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for everything @nrp and the entire Framework team has done and is attempting to do. You’ve shipped a product that many thought was impossible, made strides to change an industry that was firmly entrenched in premature obsolescence, while still delivering a machine that by all measures is a pleasure to use and highly competitive with traditional laptops.

In spite of all this, I find myself enormously frustrated to read the near-constant stream of nit-picks and demands from people who have either never used the device or have already expressed no desire to own one. Even as someone who has no ties to your company (aside from buying your products), it saddens me to see our “community” behave like this. I can’t imagine how much of a creative and emotional drain it must be on your team.

I hope this post serves as some small relief to your day, and I hope you’re able to find some space to catch your breath and appreciate what you’ve created. There are many of us who are quietly getting work done and enjoying guilt-free computer ownership thanks to your efforts. Please keep it up, and we’ll be here to support you.


I would second this! Moving into other areas of the world for sale is a monumental feat as well. People don’t realize how much their countries impose additional fees, taxes, and red tape. As someone currently living in Germany, I am all too familiar with that.

More than just buying a laptop, the Framework laptop is an investment in a better future and the ability to continue using your laptop far beyond the industry norm. Even if it was ridiculously more expensive than the competition I would still encourage everyone I know to buy it.

-Signed, hopefully a customer for life.


Thank you so much for the kind words. We really appreciate it :orange_heart:


I am going to add my appreciation also to all the members of the Framework team. Delivering this quality laptop in these times is indeed a monumental feat. I had occasion to order another electronic product last May for delivery in June. I got it in Nov at about the same time I got my laptop which I ordered from FW in Oct. The fact that we are able to talk about product in our hands and not sitting on a ship outside some port is indeed amazing. From the outside looking in it must have taken an amazing amount of planning and effort to pull this off in these times. Kudos and Well Done.


I’ve been wanting to make a post like this myself, I understand people wanting to give feedback on the laptop, but I can’t help but get bothered seeing the demands for new features and hardware when the product is still working to reach a wide audience and build a community. I love my framework laptop, and cannot wait to see all the amazing things that Framework will continue to do in the future! Thank you to the Framework team, keep up the good work!