[RESPONDED] Fans not kicking

I noticed that my laptop gets particularly hot with my fans not spinning. I’m unsure what the cause of the problem is. It seems to only be when I’m in my OS as I can hear the fans when I’m in the bios.

Welcome to the forums! That’s a very interesting issue, because the OS should have nothing to do with fan control - its all controlled by the embedded controller firmware.

What are the actual temps you’re seeing?

I’m seeing close to 40c when I’m idling and when I’m working closer to 50-60c with no fans kicking. Eventually the laptop heat gets to a point where I can’t keep it on my lap anymore and I have to set it back on a desk for a bit.

I would contact support at that point. Framework | Support

Are you saying the fans are not spinning at all or are very silent?

Because on my setup they are really silent until around 60°C, only after that the fan speed is adjusted.

So in my normal working I cannot hear the fans at all. This is by design (at least, I always thought it is).

For me, the fans aren’t spinning at all.

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Then definitely worth contacting support and waiting for their response.

You haven’t mentioned your Framework version or OS (+Version) and drivers yet. So maybe that’s something where we could get some more clarity.

Maybe it was just a one off thing, as today the fans are spinning like normal? Strange

You should get it checked either way,- you never know when it returns.

Hi @Spirit good to know fans are ok at the moment, but if issue persist you may want to contact support, thanks do let us know if you have more questions and will be happy to assist.