Laptop locks when slid across desk

I have an unusual problem. When I slide my laptop across my desk (which charging or not), it reliably locks it. Flexing the screen back and forth, gently knocking the laptop does not trigger this problem.

I don’t see any obvious cause in journalctl. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

Odd question, are there any QI charging pads, or any substantial metal or motors in the desk either for support or for a standing ability?

I’ve found that frameworks are pretty damn sensitive to magnets as that is the mechanism that is used to “lock” the system informing it that it has been “closed”

They are sensitive enough that simply utilizing one framework on top of another (closed) will lock the laptop.


I do have a standing desk, and when I moved the laptop to a normal countertop I couldn’t replicate the sliding-lock behavior. So I think you’ve identified the problem!

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very interesting, thank you!