[RESPONDED] Framework randomly goes to lock screen

Multiple times a day while I am actively using the laptop windows will just pop into the lock screen. It’s a minor annoyance, possibly related to the touchpad seeming to be overly sensitive?
Has anyone else seen this issue on FW laptops or others? It’s been difficult to search for my issue since the vast majority of “lock” issues are far more serious and unrelated since the computer never stops operating, it just blanks and goes to the lock screen after a sec.

Do you have any magnets nearby? I believe the sensor for the lid is near the headphone jack and magnets can trigger that.

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Is there some key combination that you are hitting?
Start + L is a shortcut to the lock screen.
I have some keyboards that have a lock key in the corner, very annoying when that is hit by accident.

Magnets are an interesting thought, I only have a plain metal wedding band (which is much newer than this lingering mildly annoying issue) that doesnt seem to have any effect when rubbing my machine down.

I am just using the standard FW keyboard built in. I don’t think it has any hotkey bindings to trigger lock aside from windows+L

The last time the screen blanked was after I closed 3 tabs with the touchpad, then the screen went to the lock screen without my hands on any keys IIRC

How about earbuds or other gadgets? I’ve seen someone’s keyboard turn off their Framework.

The magnet sensor is located on the left side between the headphone jack and the front usb port (oriented towards the screen of course). Maybe try putting a magnet near that to see if it matches the problematic behaviour, and if yes, test different items like rings, armbands, headphone cases, headphones etc. If they cause the problem.

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I suspect this is the magnet sensor at work. Tagging this as hardware as OS was not mentioned.