Sleep triggered externally?

Hey everyone,

I had a quick question. Is sleep triggered by a magnet or something like that? I keep running into an issue where I will set my Framework on top of another closed laptop (desk space is limited) and even with the lid open it’s forced to enter sleep.

I can reproduce this very easily but haven’t tracked it down. Is this something external affecting a magnetic sensor of some kind and making the laptop think the screen was closed?

I don’t think I’ve ever experienced this before with a laptop and was just curious.

Thanks everyone.

Yes there is a magnetic sensor on the left of the keyboard deck if I recall correctly.

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Ok thanks you helped me find it’s approximate location. Seems to be to the left of the control key. I still think it’s a bit odd that something else could trigger it from underneath the machine but at least now I know where to watch out.

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This is a common occurrence, and yep magnets be strong in a lot of items. Even your earbuds…

Thanks for pointing this out. I had not seen it before. I’ll try and add some magnetic shielding table around it and see if I can get the issue to go away. I thought I was going crazy or had some sort of loose wire or something. :slight_smile: