Laptop shuts down when entering BIOS, on Thunderbolt dock

Surprisingly, my 12th gen framework laptop suddenly shuts down after a few seconds after entering the BIOS.

This only happens when it has low charge (20 % or so) and I have it connected to a Thunderbolt Dock.

When the Laptop is connected to the original Framwork power supply it doesn’t happen.

The dock in question is a Lenovo Thunderbolt 3 Dock (Gen 2) which otherwise performs fine, i.e. it charges the laptop and I can use its peripherals under Linux.

However, the dock doesn’t seem to detect that the connected laptop is on (it would change its indicator LED from amber to white, in that case).

What seems to be happening is that upon entering the BIOS the Thunderbolt Dock charging is disabled (i.e. the Framework charging indicator changes from amber to low frequency RGB changes and then goes dark).
Only when I disconnect/reconnect the Thunderbolt dock the Framework LED changes to amber again.

Thus, the BIOS might shut down the laptop if the battery charge is below a certain threshold, in order to protect the user from a uncontrolled shutdown during writing out new settings or something like that.

That is perhaps understandable, but in that case I would expect at least some warning message dialog displayed in the BIOS that informs the user about that threshold, instead of immediately shutting down.

Am I on the right track? Or might there be something different at play here?

Hola! Quería saber si finalmente lograste solucionar el problema y, de ser así, cual fue la solución, xq estoy con el mismo problema y no logro avanzar, algún consejo? Mi portátil es uno viejito, hp, que el Windows hola el que trabajaba carga bien pero al entrar en bios para intentar hacer el book desde un puerto USB se apaga, pero se apaga antes de poder cambiar nada, a los pocos segundos de entrar en bios