Laptop wakes up from sleep after input from external mouse/keyboard

Hi Framework community,

I recently experienced that my Framework Laptop wakes up from sleep (hibernation in Windows 10) when i move my external mouse or press a key on the external keyboard. The touchpad or keyboard from the laptop itself does nothing. Is this expected behaviour? I accidently reactivate my laptop often. Does anyone know a way to deactivate this?

Greetings from Germany

Hi and welcome to the forum
Sleep and hibernation are not the same.

In sleep the computer can wake just by opening the screen, the computer is not switched off.
In hibernation it requires activating via the power button as it has been switched off.

So check which you have. How to you enter which ever state you are talking about, via the menu of via the power button etc.

I use closing the lid

  • When plugged in > Sleep > Open when screen is lifted
  • On battery > Hibernate > Open lid and press power button, then it takes 20 to 30 seconds to start

Thank you for your answer.

I know about the differences in sleep and hibernate mode. But the case for me with hibernation activated the laptop it reactivates just when i move the external mouse or press the keyboard which is not what i want.

I just tested sleep and for me it seems like it just does nothing else than switching the display off. Fan keeps spinning and even the keyboard backlight stays on.

Does anyone have ideas what the problem could be?

Short update:
I solved the initial problem about my external keyboard and mouse waking up the laptop from hibernation. I solved it by deactivating the option “Allow this device to wake up my PC” under Device Manager → (select your device) → Properties → under Power Management.

But still:
As far as i understood the only difference between sleep and hibernation is, that sleep keeps the RAM under power and hibernation writes the current RAM to the SSD right? So sleep should also put the laptop into an “almost off” state?


Yeap! Sounds like you have it all covered now.