Wake from hibernation on opening lid?

I currently have my Framework laptop running Windows to go into Hibernation when the lid is closed. This works great, saves battery, and the laptop can wake itself up in like 10 seconds!

The only minor downside is that to wake the laptop up, you have to physically press the power button. I can’t tell you how many times I open the lid and sit there for a few seconds, waiting for the screen to turn on, before I remember I have to press the button.

Is there a way to get the laptop to wake from hibernation automatically on opening the lid? I wonder if this is something that might have to be done at the BIOS/driver level and not in Windows itself.

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There is not. I asked this question months ago. The official answer is that there is not a way to detect the lid opening while the power is off. Pushing the power button is required.

I was worried about wearing out the power button myself, but then again, this is kind of the point of the Framework laptop. You can fix / replace any part of it.

What I believe would meet everyone half way with this would be for standby time to improve. Currently we are 2+ hours of standby before the 5% draw is reached and hibernation is activated. If we can get that to 6-10 hours I think that would improve this situation for everyone. I know the Framework team is working on it, and I have every confidence we’ll see improvements.

However, even if that is not the case everything on the laptop works. So it could be just a case of getting accustomed to the way things work here.