Wake from deep sleep (Ubuntu 21.04)

Is there a way to set up the laptop and/or Ubuntu 21.04 to support being able to wake from deep sleep on keyboard press or mouse movement?

I often keep the framework “docked” and use external monitors, and when it goes to sleep I have to pull it out of the dock to press the power button to wake it up and then put it back in “dock mode”.

Is there some way I can get it so that if I hit a keyboard button (external USB) it wakes up?

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I don’t think this is possible, since “deep sleep” (I presume you mean hibernation?) turns off the computer, and most computers won’t react to USB devices while turned off.

I’m not sure that “deep sleep” is the same as hibernation. With other sleep types, that aren’t hibernation, does touching a key or moving a mouse work to “wake” it up?


Yes, you’re right, I found out recently that deep sleep is different from hibernation!

According to this kernel documentation, I suspect that the set of devices that can wake up the system depends on your UEFI/BIOS in terms of what doesn’t lose power.

If you have it docked all the time, you might want to look into leaving certain USB devices powered will in standby. Obviously once mobile you would probably want to disable that again.

Not entirely sure how to do that on Linux, but if my plans to downsize my workstation to the Framework and eGPU work out, I’ll be interested in something like this also.

I wonder if having the keyboard/touchpad in “USB” mode rather than PS/2 mode would make a difference to whether they can wake the system from sleep or not.

I’m also looking for a similar way to handle this.
I often come from leaving it in a laptop to docking it.
I don’t want to have to open the lid to hit the power button after I’ve docked it to get it to wake up.
I also asked on askubuntu: suspend - configure laptop to unsuspend when connected to external power - Ask Ubuntu

I’ve tried looking at /sys/class/power_supply/ACAD but I can’t tell where to see a hook for catching power events.

I don’t see anywhere in the bios that is supplied by frame.work that we can say “wake on ac power”. Is there somewhere to request a bios feature like that?