Laptop wont boot

Starting January 1 my Framework 13 11th gen Intel laptop running Windows 10 would not power on and the light on the left side would not show that it was charging. When using the instructions under “If the side LED doesn’t light up” (My Framework Laptop (Intel 11th Gen Intel® Core™) is not powering on) it will boot. However, after being allowed to charge for several hours the laptop will still die if AC power is removed. The battery shows to have 96% available. I am using BIOS 3.19 which I installed in October. Could this be an issue with the CMOS battery?

Possibly an issue with your CMOS battery. Contact support and ask for a replacement CMOS battery. Alternatively, if you know how to solder or can get someone to do it for you, you can request the CMOS substitute.

I requested the CMOS battery and installed it however the problem remains. The battery seems not to be charging as it is now showing only to have 92% available even though it has been plugged in constantly. Read this might be a problem with new bios should I downgrade to a previous version? Any other suggestions?

I would recommend trying a mainboard reset first to see if that fixes your issue. If it doesn’t, contact support again.