Laptop won't start, no signs of life

I left my laptop running a CPU intensive task (not on the same level as AIDA or P95 though), and after an hour it shut off. I can’t start it, and there are no signs of life at all. I replugged the power plug, but there aren’t any lights on the side, and the power button doesn’t light up when pressed.
I’ve tried the CMOS reset, as well as reseating all user components. I’ve reseated the touchpad cable as well.

I’ve contacted framework support, but has anyone else experience this? What can I do?

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You should have watched it as it may have shown something, disconnect battery and try again.

Yeah tried that; already went through cmos reset. As it doesn’t light up when power is connected, I assume a fuse blew somehow, or some other component decided to fry itself.

Note that I’ve used it for extended periods of time under much harder workloads (eg video games…) and it’s been fine. However just now when I happen to look away it decides to die :cry:

Framework support got back to me and stated that a replacement will be shipped out! But still waiting for the details.

Have you tried a different power supply, and is the one you’re using putting out good power?

Yeah, I’ve tried an eGPU box w/ PD, and an generic 15W brick. I’ve been using the official Framework Power Adapter+Plug.
Maybe the Framework power adapter was faulty? I really don’t think this is the case, as it has been working fine for nearly a month now…

Update: A replacement laptop was shipped, but it can’t be picked up due to a request to “return to sender”. It didn’t say that it was by Framework Inc, rather it was requested by someone at Techdata…

I haven’t gotten any information on what is wrong with my laptop, but it appears that Framework believes it is the screen, as I now have a “Display Kit” in my account orders.
I find this difficult to believe, as it doesn’t power on (that is, no lights on sides, no power button light, and no keyboard light) with the display disconnected.

Do you by chance have a usb-c dock thing? just one that does video output, or a video out module? If you plugin a usb device of any kind that has a light on it, that lights up when it powers on, can you try plugging that in some how and see if it ever powers on? With my laptop, when it thought the screen was closed, all the lights went out (power button light, and screen) I wonder if there is a way to disconnect that sensor (or bypass it somehow). Maybe check to make sure a magnet isn’t in the wrong spot somewhere, tripping the sensor. These are pretty random ideas, but just thinking out loud. I’m sure you just want a working unit, so this is more for my curiosity, wondering what is up. Please don’t feel like you need to mess with it if you don’t want to. :slight_smile:

I don’t have a monitor, dock, adapter, or hdmi/dp cable, so I can’t test that. I plugged in a USB thumb drive, and a wifi stick but it didn’t light up.

It’s interesting that you had the same issue, but with the sensor. Do you perhaps know where this it is? @nrp could this be the case?

Note that for me, even the side lights that normally turn orange/white when plugged in are completely off.

My issue was only sensor related. It would boot and stay running, it was when i put it down on another laptop, next to a magnetic device or similar. I would expect the activity light on a thumb drive would flash if it got power at all, but I haven’t tested that. I’ll do so too see what happens. The WiFi card may not do anything until it is told to attempt connecting, so it may not light up at all.

These devices do flash when connected to power (plugging them into a “dumb” power brick).

It appears that there’s no power whatsoever, which would explain the lack of charging indicators or USB power.