Laser cutting prototype services

I recently signed up for the developer program with the intent of designing some inexpensive laser-cutable cases for the stand alone mainboard. I’m hopeful that I get in, but if I don’t this offer still stands.

If you’re a developer producing open-source hardware for the framework and you want some laser cut stuff prototyped I will do some laser cutting at cost. I typically work with wood and leather, but I’m probably going to be ordering in some acrylic at some point in the future.

You can see some of my work here:

My day job is as a programmer at a robotics startup, I’ve also got experience with 3D printing and embedded linux.


This is really cool! I do hope you get in to the program.

Thanks! I’ve got some thoughts on a pretty minimal book-shaped case that I think would look pretty good. I’d be targeting a price point of about $20-30 if I was selling it from my small shop, but of course I’d be making the files available under probably the creative commons share-alike (commercial allowed). Making it flat-pack-able should help keeping the price low.

Looking at stuff like Building a stealthy PlayStation 5... - YouTube and for inspiration.

There’s a lot of stuff to generate things like this: image

I’m also a fan of the living hinge they use in that. Of course thermal management and dust management is important as well. It’s an interesting set of challenges.

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Is your laser cutter strong enough to cut thin aluminum sheet? I know there are places online to get this done but I’d rather keep my dollars here if you have the capability to do so.


Really comes down to what is ‘thin’…I think.

Pretty much not at all, it’s a CO2 laser so it’s in completely the wrong set of wavelengths to cut any sort of metal.