Aluminum/3D Printed Main Board Enclosure

I got an 11th gen mainboard for use as a stand-alone small form factor PC, but didn’t think the provided 3D printed enclosure was rigid enough. So, I designed an enclosure using 2 laser cut 1/8” 6061 aluminum plates with 3D printed filling around the mainboard. The result is (obviously) much more rigid than 3D printing alone. I used thermal tape on top of the heat sink with the hope of using the enclosure to help cool the CPU, but there is a gap between the top of the case and the heat sink. Any thoughts?


Wow this really looks cool. This is an enclosure I would want to house my existing mainboard when I upgrade the Framework mainboard (hopefully to at least 14th Gen or later Intel).

You can get thermal pads, the same ones used for RAM and VRMs on GPUs.

Another idea would be to get heatpipes but welding them to the case would be very difficult.

A crazy idea would be to make a copper/aluminium block and add thermal paste on both ends between the top and bottom but not sure how bad the thermal conductivity and what are the risk of shorting.

Thanks for the feedback, then next thing I plan to try is using thicker thermal pads. I plan to post the design files once I have most problems worked out. Also, here are more pictures:


Looks really good!

Let’s hope you can turbo boost more with the better cooling :smiley: