Lazer(Laser) Etch/Engrave top case Framework13

Hi there; has anyone lazer etched/engraved the top and/or bottom assemblies with custom graphics/patterning?

I am keen to personalise and get this done and am interested to know what settings/experience people who have done this have had.

Would also be great if could add some high resolution cover/case photos etc for just this sort of purpose to a guide.


Haven’t done it myself, but looking into it.

To other’s who’ve done it, is this machine any good (it’s on sale):

From what i’ve read you ideally want to use a Fibre Cutter or a High Power Diode Cutter rather than CO2 for anodised alluminum

And with CNV/3D printers (I have a bit of a collection) I only buy stuff that I know the upstream klipper/marlin firmwares work with and have source code of the board definitions available and good community discussion/network around.

I have several 'kickstarter; 3d printers that failed to deliver on the source and community outreach/involvement and are now effectively paperweights.

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Thanks. Diode cutter, checked.