New Driver Bundle or stick with Intel Update?

Just a question I had if anyone knows… So I understand that the Driver Bundle is important when setting up the laptop, as my laptop didn’t have the internet enabled until I installed the 11th gen Driver Bundle, but I was curious if we’ll get more updated Driver Bundles, or if the idea is to update the drivers using the Intel Driver Support Assistant? Just curious…

You don’t say which you have 11th or 12the gen, and have you downloaded the relevant Driver bundle and installed.

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@amoun Fair enough, and I didn’t write my question the right way, so thank you for bringing that to my attention!

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Ah! I have an 11th Gen and after the Driver bundle I just let Windows do it’s thing, (Win 11 now)

I dual boot with Ubuntu 22.10 and don’t even think about drivers.

I use standard setups on both OSes and have no peripherals to speak of.

All the best.

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There is no official word on this from Framework, however since we haven’t had a new driver bundle for over a year now, it is my assumption that they want new users to use the driver bundle to get the basics working, then receive new drivers through Windows Update. As far as I know, allowing Windows update to fully run on a laptop with the basic driver bundle installed will update all drivers to the newest version. If you do not trust or dislike Windows Update then yes, the alternative would be to go to all the individual distributors and download the newest drivers they make available (the driver bundle can be unzipped to see all the individual drivers included).

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@amoun Yeah it’s probably not something that’s super important, just curious as I play games on mine and was curious what Framework’s official stance was…
@Azure Yeah, I tend to use Windows Update anyhow, and I didn’t realize it had been a whole year, so I think you’re right that we’ll probably not get another one, just wanted to put it out there…

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I’m with you, I really wish that the Framework team would make an official statement on this so that I have something to reference when people ask. It is frustrating to have to tell everyone “I don’t know, but here’s my best guess based on the trail of crumbs I’ve been left with”.