Lead time on new processor till available on Framework?

As a example I am looking at buying the framework 13 once the new Intel meteor lake version is released. Curious as to what is the time frame for how long till a new processor once on the market is generally available as a option for framework?

I imagine there are thousands of “gotchas” when trying to predict something like this. But as an example, AMD’s Ryzen 7000 series mobile chips that Framework is using were released in May of '23 and laptops with those chips are just now arriving in the hands of customers.

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When you mean “laptops with the new ryzen 7000 chips just arriving in the hand of customers” do you mean framework customers? How long have other manufacturers been shipping ryzen 7000 based laptops? (just trying to get a idea on the delay (if any) compared to main stream manufactures). How long ago did Framework open up orders for the new ryzen? I only ask because I will be busy travelling for the next 6 months, but want to be prepared to get on the list to upgrade once they come out.

Based off of previous launches? Expect a delay of at least 6 months if not a little longer.

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Are there any predictions on how the 14th Gen (Meteor Lake) compares to the newly AMD one? Just thinking about If i should wait or not. My priority on choosing would be mainly “heat” and “fan loudness”. I’m just doing basic office stuff.

So far doing basic stuff on my AMD one, I rarely hear the fans at all. It might turn them on momentarily on lowest setting, but it’s almost inaudible. Even playing some old games (Diablo 2) or youtube videos (1440p) does not trigger the fans (unless I’m playing in bed kind of blocking the fans with the blanket).

They do spin up quite loud once compilation or 3D games (Path of exile, warzone 2100) are involved, but that’s to be expected.

From what I heard, it’s a massive improvement over the Intel counterparts, so I kind of expect the 14th Gen to be as loud. But then, I’m not exactly an Intel fan…