Linux audio interface configuration, How to record a guitar

Ubuntu LTS 22.04
Framework laptop 16
I have 2 audio extension cards and I have 3 audio interface, a brand new Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 4th gen, a portable Mooer Prime P1 and an analog iRig2.
I would like to be able to play Rocksmith 2014 Remastered on my new laptop but unfortunately the game don’t see any of my audio input.
The scarlett been a 4th gen, I think there’s no driver for linux yet, the mooer would probably need to be loaded with wine and I have to study how it work because I’m a noob with linux but the iRig2 should work. On the desktop in settings/sound/input I can see the meter moving but the game don’t show it as an input option.
The game has been installed from Steam using the proton option. I suppose I would need to install an ASIO driver but I would need some help to find out how to configure this. Any information would be appreciated.
Thanks for your time.