What improvements (if any) are coming to the Framework 16s coming out in the next couple months?

Basically, asking which of the following poll options is closest to true

  • Hardware and software/drivers are set for forseeable future, any improvements are community made
  • Hardware is set for foreseeable future, software/driver improvements are being made
  • Hardware is still being tweaked as batches roll out
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Made it a poll because polls are fun

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They may include some pads for keyboard support in the future, but I’m guessing they won’t because I don’t see the issue on my device.

There’s a new BIOS undergoing testing that resolves some issues like the 2230 m.2 disconnecting.

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Hardware is mostly set, however they may add some rubber pads (in addition to the ones that already exist) to reduce the amount that the keyboard flexes when typing.

However they have stated that if they do decide to do that they will offer the pads for free to people that already own the laptop.

Software/drivers have two issues that Framework has said they’re working on to fix some stability issues with the second SSD slot and with the MUX (the mux is the part that switches the system between the two GPUs).

Overall I selected the “Hardware is set for foreseeable future, software/driver improvements are being made” because the hardware that you get with the laptop is set (the additional pads are not a change but an addition, the aren’t significant, and will be freely available).

Well Framework was able to measure the issue on their devices when testing and determined it was significant enough to warrant fixing.

I agree that it isn’t a major issue in my experience, but some people seem to be more sensitive to it and on a laptop this expensive it shouldn’t be an issue.

As of 11 days ago Framework has a status update that sounded like they’re still planning on it:

“We shared an improvement in an earlier email which involves adding five additional rubber pads around the Mainboard to provide additional support to the keyboard. In parallel to our manufacturing partner completing qualification testing on this, we’ve started dogfooding it internally in Framework. If you’re not familiar with “dogfooding”, it comes from the idea of “eating your own dog food”, or making sure you’re testing what you’re making before others do. As we mentioned in the earlier email, once we complete testing, assuming the results are positive we will roll this into new production and share a form for existing Framework Laptop 16 owners to request a kit of pads.”