Looking for help adjusting trackpad scroll speed on Ubuntu

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This worked! I was only having the issue with Firefox, so I’m glad I didn’t try altering any config files and only edited the about:config. Thank you for finding this. Oh, and I’m not on a framework (yet), but I keep an eye on the forum for when I do finally get my batch 5. For anyone wondering; I’m running Fedora 34 on a Macbook Air 2013.

worked for me too, thank you!

This worked for me. Scrolling in Firefox is now more reasonable, though it would be better if easily configurable in gnome

This worked for me even though I’m using xorg on Ubuntu 20.04.

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This made a big difference for me in Firefox on Fedora 35. Although I still wish it was more configurable from an OS perspective.


I will note here that sway exposes the scroll_factor property available in libinput, which should do what you want (system-wide).

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This worked for me with Sway on Arch Linux. Thanks!

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I’ve tried this same fix but it only seems to work for certain apps. Scrolling in Firefox works great now, but scrolling in the “Files” app and others does not. I’m guessing that this is based on how the apps are made, but still frustrating to never know if your scrolling will work or not.

Hey, Gnome has this issue specially with firefox.
One way you can limit the speed is by lowering the value of the variable mousewheel.default.delta_multiplier_y on about:config