Looking to disable Trackpad Coasting

I despise the feature when you scroll something, then release fingers from trackpad before fully stopping scrolling and it keeps scrolling for a second or so. It happens not only in the browser but in any scrollable window so it’s not a specific app feature.

It seems to be called Coasting, I googled a way to disable it for Synaptics trackpad but nothing else. Also that method requires xinput which is not used in Fedore 35 since it uses Wayland instead of X11. There’s libinput but that doesn’t allow to set properties, just does shows various info.

So anyways, did anyone figure out how to disable this Coasting/Momentum/whatever else it’s called on Framework Laptop?

Since you mentioned you’re using Fedora 35 (whose DE is GNOME and display server is Wayland), is there any sort of setting in GNOME or GNOME tweaks that deals with trackpad scrolling acceleration - or something among those lines? (Disclaimer: I don’t have either GNOME or the Framework in front of me.)

It’s been a while since I’ve used GNOME on Ubuntu, so I don’t really remember. However, that’s the general direction you’d want to head into.

Changing settings via the GUI (with the more limited GNOME Settings or the somewhat more advanced GNOME Tweaks) or with 1-liner CLI commands that begin with $ gsettings ... was much more reliable in GNOME. (Example: swapping the Esc and CapsLock keys via GNOME’s keyboard GUI settings is a good example of this.)

Generally, more complicated configuration “tricks” that typically work in most other DEs won’t work in GNOME because… that’s how GNOME does things - love it or hate it.

Indeed I looked at KDE spin and it has the option I need. Guess I have to reinstall now.

I found the problem, apparently there’s about:config setting apz.gtk.kinetic_scroll.enabled.