Mainboard With Graphics Card Enclosure

The start to a case to hold a mainboard with a TB connected graphics card and a FLEX PSU.

Mainboard & GPU Enclosure


Wow, this is really cool! I didn’t know you are on the forums too!

I wonder if we can make it into something like Xbox Series X mini tower too.

This is great! Just watched the video, and I really liked the idea to use an eGPU Enclosure-like case to house the Framework and an GPU!

Great job :slight_smile:

Introducing the Framework NUC

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I just started looking into this stuff, but this is essentially my vision for how I want my future PCs to be; either something like this with the mainboard and GPU in a small enclosure or, even better, a future mainboard that has a beefier, more gaming oriented CPU/GPU onboard, in one of those mainboard cases. With a setup like this, I actually don’t mind taking a performance tradeoff for the form factor.

Literally my dream setup. When the Series X came out, I’d have paid pretty much anything to be able to use that as my actual PC, and this gets really close. It would also be awesome to have a Framework laptop with that kind of power, where I could just swap the mainboard between case / laptop for those times I need the portability, or use the laptop docked and just use previous mainboards for other projects.

Either way, enticing future!

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