LPDDR5X Memory

Framework sells memory moduals at 5600MHz which is the rated speed of the AMD processors for DDR5. However these AMD processors also support DDR5X at 7500MHz. Would there be any problems installing DDR5X memory into the FL16? And as a worst case scenario can the standard DDR5 memory be overclocked passed 5600MHz?

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At the current moment, LPDDR5X is only available as soldered chips, meaning they will not be upgradable. JEDEC CAMM may change this, but CAMM is not yet finalized and available.

As for overclocking, 7940HS technically supports EXPO, but I won’t assume Framework and Insyde will provide support for it.


The Ryzen 7 Zen 4 series is available in a FP7, FP7r2 and FP8 package. I believe only the FP7r2 supports socketed DDR5. The other two packages require soldered LPDDR5x. If this is accurate, then FW is using the FP7r2 package which will likely not support future LPDDR5 socketed modules that may become available (unless they can change this via a microcode update). Maybe someone from FW or AMD can chime in and comment or correct me if I got it incorrect.

You can get Kingston 6400 sodimm, I am guessing these will not work? Someone will have to tell me if there is a bios with these laptops.

JEDEC standard DDR5 sodimm modules currently max out at 5600. AMD supports up to 5600 by specification for these CPU’s. FW also recommends avoiding XMP profile modules (such as the one you suggest). In most cases they will not work reliably or at all. Plus, if you read reviews, the performance gains when using most XMP profiles is negligible.



Good to know, thanks. I can pick up some cheap crucial then.

Ah, I didn’t realize that. So DDR5X is out of the queation

Yeah I’m not assuming anything either. I was hoping a Framework mod might respond giving us some further insight to if they will allow overclocking or not. Do you know if the 7840HS supports EXPO?

As per AMD, no EXPO support for the 7840HS



Thank you. I was trying to figure out what some noticeable differences were between the two and this is certainly one.

True, however has FW said they’ll support EXPO? Personally speaking, I wouldn’t use these overclock profiles as a reason to spend $200 more.

Not that I know of. Hopefully they’ll respond to my thread here or make another announcement. I won’t be among the first adopters so I’ll have time to read reviews and see if EXPO/ overclocking will be supported or not.

EXPO in general has been struggling. Going through the trouble to get it running in a mobile application where the stability and lower power usage of lower (5600 is still fast) frequencies doesn’t make sense unless something major changes.