6000+Mhz Ram

I know that officially it supports up to 5600 Mhz ram, but is it possible to overclock that? I’ve seen some SODIMM modules with 6000 or even 6400Mhz available, would it even be possible for them to run at that speed? Has anyone tried to run higher-clocked ram in the AMD 13 version and if so how did that work out?


For a lot of DDR5 you’re using XMP or EXPO to achieve the advertised speeds already.

Any actual overclocking depends on the BIOS of the pc. If you put 6400mhz sodimms into a 5600 slot you’ll get 5600 speeds. Not really a great idea.

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No you are not. Framework does not officially support XMP/EXPO on ram (unless that has changed)

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As mentioned, the AMD 13" (and, presumably, the upcoming 16") does not support EXPO, or any manual RAM overcooking either, as far as I’m aware. The AMD boards support 5600MHz speeds, max.


Thank you guys for the info!

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News to me. That’s dissapointing, oh well.

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Not that surprising for a laptop.

Pretty sure you can theoretically get at the memory settings with smokeless but well, there be dragons.

Memory is the most miserable thing to overclock in my experience so I tend to avoid it.

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That being said feel free to get faster memory and it should just clock at the platform speed. Then when you upgrade in a generation or two your existing memory will support faster speeds and/or tighter timings to take advantage. The Zen 4 ‘sweet spot’ seems to be 6,000 MT on the desktop and it sounds like on Zen 5 it may be 6,400 MT or higher. So when Zen 5 refresh comes having that 6400 stick may be worth the extra cost depending on what pricing/performance uplift will be like then on new modules.
What will be more interesting is when CAM support comes to more notebooks since its now adopted by the standards body. This will enable module LPDDR5 so in a few years we may see 7,200+ MT memory in a modular form factor, potentially 8,533 MT in the x variant. (right now to get LPDDR5 you basically have to solder it in since you get signal issues with SODIMM slots).

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