M.2 Screw won't come out

Just got my F16 in today, super excited only to learn that the M.2 primary screw won’t come out. Anyone else encounter this? I assume the thread is stripped.

Lots of people. Seems to be a common problem. I had it with my first FW16 and then with my replacement one.

It’s either stripped in the standoff or got a bad screw that’s not fully engaged the threads.

One person had the standoff spinning in the motherboard.

Get straight onto support about it as it’ll take a while to resolve.

If you want to get it out to check you’ll need to lift it and unscrew, might need something under the edge of the screw head to help.

Yikes on your replacement??? Do you mind me asking how long it took for you to get the replacement after the support ticket?

Sorry to hear that you have experienced this Noah, please contact our support team so they can assist you with the replacement.

I have, thank you! Excited for the experience regardless!