Issues getting broken components replaced?

Has anyone else had issues getting parts replaced for their FW16? My laptop came to me with a bad keyboard (only a handful of keys actually worked). After taking a bunch of photos for the support folks they escalated to the “RMA and Repair team”. Three days later and I haven’t heard from them about getting a new keyboard shipped out. So, I’ve got a great, shiny, new laptop that is tied to a USB keyboard and I can’t take it places.

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They currently have very high volumes of people contacting them for RMA requests, took 3 days to get back to me and that was 2 weeks ago, there are even more laptops out there now.

As the support teams only work weekdays you’ll likely get a reply next week. I had to wait on a new laptop from my RMA request.

Just make sure your replacement works when it arrives as my replacement laptop had the same problem with the Primary SSD screw being stripped from the factory :man_facepalming: at least the replacement wasnt as badly stripped and I was able to use an undamaged screw from the first laptop to fit the SSD.

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They are very busy right now, I’m still waiting to hear from the RMA team for the same issue and it’s been a week

Hey Scott, our part replacement queue is a bit backlogged at the moment. We appreciate your patience (I see that you have already received a response from them)