Mainboard Build possible? Threadripper & Nvidia

Hello, I have no experience with mainboards for notebooks, so if my question seems unreasonable or I don’t know just crazy, please correct me.
Would it be possible to also create a mainboard that has for example an graphics card PNY NVIDIA A30 combined with an AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 5965WX and then insert that into the upcoming 16 inch notebook?
If yes, who could do that setup? Could this really be performed at home?


Pretty much impossible. Power draw and heat generation would be insane. Those are desktop parts, they don’t belong in the mobile segment. You could use the GPU in an enclosure but you’ll never see a Threadripper here.

Ok thanks.
But like a combination of Intel® Core™ i9-12900H and NVIDIA RTX™ A2000 8 GB would be possible?
I am seeing that this configuration is possible because you can customize your Lenovo ThinkPad P1 Gen 5 Notebook like this on the lenovo webpage.

@ronin Potentially but they haven’t even announced what processors will be available. You are limited by whatever selection Framework is willing to provide. We may see H-series parts or we may be limited to P-series parts. Nobody here will be able to tell you. The GPU has even less certainty around it. Framework has not committed to producing any GPU modules, merely shown a proof of concept. Even if they did produce such modules, I’d bet professional class cards will not be high on the list. You would be better of buying an enclosure and using the GPU that way. You likely won’t be bothered by the bandwidth limitations of Thunderbolt.

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I hadn’t considered that the GPU may not happen. Based on the LTT video, I think I mistakenly assumed we were waiting to see “what” GPU Framework would provide, not “whether” one would be available. The upgradeable GPU is the deciding factor for me. I love everything about the upgradeable laptop, but have no use case for a large Ultrabook. Fingers crossed for some good news on the GPU front.

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My dude the socket itself is like a quarter of the area of the 16 inch XD.

The mini tix trx40 builds were wild but I really don’t see that making it into anything that could be reasonably called a laptop.

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Now we have a thought… What if there was a Framework that was the dimensions of a docked Thinkpad X200?

What would be possible? Would it have sufficient space for a threadripper-rated cooler?

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You guys really seem to be underestimaating how huge the threadripper socket is. That stuff would need an extremely double sided mainboard XD

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I’m completely ignoring batteries and power supplies. and assuming that the whole device is only for the mainboard

And I am saying the socket alone is huge, looking over at my mainboard, the socket and ram slots are straight up bigger than a framework 13 maiboard, just the socket and the ram solts nothing else and that is with vertical ram.

While a threadripper mainboard probably isn’t feasible, it certainly would be entertaining. I did find an itx mockup image that seemed humerus, but…

Then I did find this EPYC board that seems to be real on eBay for a grand

It seems to be for servers and is referred to as a “Deep Mini-ITX” board and I have no idea what that means in terms of mobos but… then we can think back to the idea of putting it in a laptop. What is the smallest machine you could fit one of these (or any other board for that matter) and still be able to run? Then how can you make it smaller and smaller until you cant make it smaller, then attach a screen and kb/trackpad and boom you have a really thicc laptop. Probably still lighter than some Alienware stuff, too.

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Once you add enough cooling to let it actually perform I highly doubt that XD (at least unless you want to go with skereeching fast server fans)

Just tape a keyboard and a screen on one of those quarter 1u epyc blades and you are good.

But of a high performance mobile workstation laptop you are better off going with something in the 7045 series or do something like an am5 in a laptop like the clevos did on am4.

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Not only size would be a problem (the shown Asrock Rack mainboard only uses 4 of 8 memory channels for that reason) but also the heat. I have a workstation at my workplace with a Threadripper PRO 5965WX cooled with a 360mm or even 420mm AIO water cooler. When Windows is only idling it already exhausts a noticeably amount of heat.
TR Pro series is rated up to 280W - the biggest 12V power adaptor (“desktop” style) by MeanWell has only 280W. So you would need 2 power bricks - one for CPU and one for all the other stuff. Plus one for GPU.

AMD itself recommends Ryzen Pro for mobile workstations:

So yeah, a 1U server chassis would be the most portable solution but it will have several screaming 40mm fans.

It is real, here’s a review: ASRock Rack ROMED4ID-2T mITX-ish AMD EPYC Motherboard Review

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And that is basically the bare minimum, leaving a lot of performance on the table.

Hell the ram alone would probably put out as much heat as a regular mobile cpu XD.

Where we are going we don’t need no GPU, you can use cpu rendering on a threadripper

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