Mainboard Switch: does it work without new clean install?

my i5 Mainboard makes a strange buzzing/crackle sound. I contacted support and they said that something is wrong with my Mainboard, so they replaced it. Now i will swap the Mainboard in the next days. My question would be, will this have any impact on my Fedora 36 installation? My installation is Luks encrypted and Secure Boot is on. Is the data for the encryption and Secure Boot stored on the Mainboard?


Nope, everything is on the drive. You will be fine just to swap the drive in.


Slight tangent, my mainboard is also making a light buzzing/crackle sound, but is only audible if I put my ear right up next to it, how loud was yours, and do you know the cause?

It was loud enough that it was hearable when using the laptop in a mostly quiet room, even with a bit of distance to the laptop.

The support wrote me that the sound maybe comes from a capacitor on the mainboard.

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