Manjaro Gnome: Any idea how to get Touche to actually work with Firefox?

I have been trying for a while to get Touche to actually work for the last hour or so. Anything I load into the config GUI doesn’t seem to actually work when I try the trackpad gesture out.

Right now in Firefox (or globally at this point) I would like a three finger swipe to the left to execute “ALT+left arrow” to go back, and a three finger swipe right to execute ALT+ right arrow". If I go into the Touche GUI app, anything I add in there doesn’t seem to actually “take”. I even cleared out everything in there, and I can’t add back in Firefox as an app. When I click the + to add an app, it says to click on the app window, which doesn’t work.

The odd thing is that a three finger swipe to the left or right does move between workspaces in Gnome, so I know that’s working.

Any ideas?

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Can you check if the touchegg service is running?

sudo systemctl status touchegg.service 

if not enable/start it

sudo systemctl enable touchegg.service 
sudo systemctl start touchegg.service 
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