Touch pad two finger swipe left or right to go back or forward?

Love my new Framework and find it’s replaced my Pixelbook as my favourite laptop. One thing I miss from my Pixelbook, though, is the two finger swipe to the left to go back in the browser or swipe right to go forward. The two finger scroll option works well however. I have the Intel i5-1240P with 32GB RAM and am using Ubuntu 22.04 LTS but haven’t found the two finger swipe left or right option. Does it exist or is there an add on?

Maybe this isn’t even a Framework question but I’ll start here.

Many thanks.

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Didn’t know of such a two finger option, so checked with Win 11 :: Firefox 107 that I’m currently using, then with Unbuntu 22.04 works on the former but not the later. So at least I know it’s not a generic touchpad failure.

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If you’re using Chrome, it looks like you can enable it with a command line flag:

Firefox supposedly already has support for this out of the box (at least according to that thread).

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Thanks I saw that but it’s not as clean as the feature in Chrome OS and implementing it seems a bit daunting to me. Oh well the alt left arrow isn’t too bad.

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I went down the rabbit hole of trying to implement touchpad gestures on Ubuntu 20.04 and gave up after a while. You can get it to work but unlike ChromeOS/Mac/etc. you’ll spend a lot of time tweaking the config (it won’t just work). I finally just installed an extension that mapped back to Ctrl + Left.

Yeah, I think that’s where I was headed so I’m putting it aside too. The alt + left or right arrow will have to suffice.

Swipe to navigate was natively added to Firefox a few versions back (103?) and I have been using it since.

I just checked my about:config and believe browser.gesture.swipe.right and browser.gesture.swipe.left are the relevant options, you could check if it is enabled in your browser and looks the same?

When working it will look like this

Before this was introduced I used the gnome extension gesture improvements as it allows you to do the same thing but as a three finger gesture.

I continue to use the extensions because it allows that gesture to be used with other applications like the file manager as you can see here you can add any application to this list.

Here you can see how it looks in action as well as the only setting I tweaked, the swipe speed to 2.0

Failing that there is and addon called SwipeToNavigate but it isn’t as refined as the other options.

Thanks but I use the Chrome browser. I uninstalled Firefox as I didn’t want to set up all my bookmarks again. The alt + left or right arrow works OK.

Apologies, I saw Firefox mentioned earlier in the thread. Sounds like you have your solution.

FYI you can import booksmarks between browsers.