[RESOLVED] Arch - touchpad issues AMD 13

I’m running KDE/Xorg on arch, works pretty well, especially with the kernel updates.

I am however finding 2 issues… when vertical scrolling sometimes the right click menu pops up so seems like something is too sensitive.

Also I can’t get the “pinch” gesture to work (like on google maps) on Firefox.

Any ideas on those both?


Works fine for me in sway 1.8.1 with firefox 122. Firefox is running natively in wayland since a few releases. For Xorg the Arch wiki has a tip to set a variable for using xinput2: https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Firefox/Tweaks#Enable_touchscreen_gestures


YES! The env variable worked, scrolling much better also.

looks resolved :slight_smile:
thanks for sharing your solution @halemmerich
also appreciate the update @David_Markey