Matte screen protector

Just because you think that a matte screen is higher quality does not mean that Framework has to upgrade it. If you go back through this thread, you will see that they did consider it, but ended up deciding that a matte screen is not a priority at the time, and have not said that it has become a priority since.

For North America:
PhotoDon - Framework 13.5-inch Laptop Privacy and Screen Protectors

For EU:
ViaScreens (can ship to NA, but may take longer) - Framework Screen Protectors

protectionfilms24 (can ship to NA, but may take longer) -

BROTECT on Amazon -

I’m in the US, so I can’t speak as well to the EU options, although I did order the ViaScreens back when it was the only option. Seems like others have had luck with the BROTECT screen protectors on the other sites. Photodon is the only US-based company as far as I know, and people are also happy with them.

As for cost effectiveness, that is up to you. There are many options, but depending on where you live, shipping could be more or less based on the one you choose. Many of the options also come with 2-packs, which are a great deal in case you think you might mess up the first installation, but are probably a waste of money if the first screen protector you install is perfect.

This is up to your thoughts of how much/little you want to see yourself, and how much screen sharpness you are willing to lose to achieve that. These are a bunch of posts in this thread with comparisons between different levels of matte protectors from a couple of the brands. PhotoDon will even send you a trial pack with samples of all of their protectors, along with a coupon that you can use to buy your final choice, that almost fully negates the cost of the trial pack.

Framework has not officially supported any of these brands, but Nirav posted a lot at the beginning of the thread with details on dimensions of both the full screen and the cut-out of the bezel to allow users here to buy any screen protector that fit, or to cut down a larger one to the right size.

Lucky for you, the recentish release of the Dough (previously Eve) Spectrum Gaming monitor in with a glossy finish actually caused some people to try to answer this question.
Dave2d - How Has Nobody Made This Before? - YouTube
LTT - The Glaring Problem with Gaming Monitors - Dough Spectrum - YouTube


Thank @Azure It one of the most precise answer I ever had on the internet! Bravo! I understand the tradeoff now.

So what I would like to ask her for a future improved generation is a tradeoff more inline with Mac book pro as seen in this picture . Basically cut down by half the glare would ideal for me (and for mac apparentely). What I think is desirable is to be able to work in a standard office anvironement with little glare, currentely it is not the case in many setups. I believe Mac with its years of inovation has a better tradeoff.

Just ordered this one : 2x BROTECT Matte Film de protection d'écran mat pour Framework Laptop |


45minutes to install my Brotect matte screen !
First time I install a screen protector of this size. On smartphone you may have 2 or 6 bubbles and it will take you 10 minutes to remove them.
With a screen this size if you are not in a intel white room, you are goinf to have 6X the bubbles…
I almost gave up after 20min , thinking I am increasing the chance I will damage the screen with my credit card.

So the tip is if when you have a “bubble” this is a tiny dust, immediately,

  • Roll back a little your screen protector until you reach the bubble
  • Use a special cleaning material “micro fiber” like on my picture to remove the little dust from the screen and from the plastic sheet protector.
  • Resume applying … untile the next bubble :wink:

So gooood to not have reflections like a mirror.

A good side effect to me is also it seems a little dimmer. In the morning I can have lower light which is better for my eyes.

Just adding my two cents here. I’m a big fan of matte screens, and even though I love the framework laptop, the glossy screen is definitely one of the most annoying parts for me. I’ll be picking up a matte screen protector (as matte as possible) maybe from Photodon. We’ll see, but I’m definitely ordering one of these matte screen protectors.

I’m adding my vote for either official matte screen panel replacements (I’m Gen 1 Batch 6), or official matte screens in the marketplace.


I went with the Framework 13.5-inch Laptop Privacy and Screen Protectors MTX 50% mat level screen protector. Second round installation went very well. Used the a steamy bathroom to minimize dust as well as a can of dust off spray.

So measure of a company is there response when thing don’t quite go right. The first protector I was sent had the mat side and sticky side mislabeled; after some confusion I realized why it wasn’t sticking to the screen. In the process of figuring out the up side was the sticky side and flipping everything over I managed to crease the plastic film and final instal was pretty shabby looking. Reaching out to PhotoDon and they quickly responded by sending a replacement protector. Excellent customer service and I would not hesitate to go with this US based company again.

Screen protector mat finish MTX is the perfect anti glare addition. The screen on my new Framework laptop is a reflective glass finish like most OEMs these days. Any bright background light always add an additional reflection; the MTX level mat protector effectively mitigates this. Excellent product!


I purchased the AGB (Anti-Glare Blue Light - 85%) from Photodon. Once I receive it and install it, I’ll write back with my experience ;D. I was gonna get the MXG 85% for maximum anti-glare reduction, but since they also had a blue light once that also has MXG 85%, I might as well give the anti blue light a try.

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Hey all, I’ve received the AGB protector from Photodon today and applied it. I’ve written down my experience here: Photodon Anti-Glare Blue Light (AGB) Screen Protector for the Framework Laptop |@fearedbliss

Since there is a 5 picture limit on the forum, I’ll upload the before and after (side/front) and you can take a look at the other photos at my blog.

Hopefully this will be helpful to others, and thanks to everyone on this thread for the discussion, I’m definitely happy with the purchase ;D.

Before - Side View

After - Side View

Before - Sample Only (Centered) - Front View

After - Front View


Got a matte screen protector from PhotoDon, and I highly recommend it.

This is the MXT 50% one, I feel it’s a good middle ground. Not too matte, and quality isn’t negatively impacted too much.


I recently got my Framework in Australia, and went looking for a local provider of a matte screen protector to avoid the hassle and delay of importing one from Photodon or ViaScreens.

I found, and am happy to be able to highly recommend them.

I initially bought the BROTECT AirGlass Matte Glass Screen Protector for Framework Laptop (actually the 3x pack, for a friend and a spare). Unfortunately, when it arrived the dimensions were approx 283.5 x 188.5 mm, which doesn’t quite cover the active area of 285 x 190 mm. (It also didn’t have any “Brotect” branding on the packaging, not that that matters.)

I contacted the store and they responded quickly and helpfully. They sent out custom-sized replacements at the size I requested, which was 288.5 x 193.5 mm. This allows the protector to sit about 1mm inside the bezel (which has inner dimensions of ~286.5 x 191.5 mm), while still being small enough to not go over the edge of the actual panel itself. The protectors are about 0.5mm thick, which seems to sit fine under the bezel.

The end result is a beautiful consistent seamless finish right to the bezel (ie. no distracting reflections at the edges). Like others have reported from similar products, it’s a high-quality anti-glare solution to the glossy screen, which allows it to be much more easily read. I’m very happy with both ScreenShield’s product and service.



I’m not sure if the store will be adjusting the dimensions of their Framework product listings (I also don’t know if they’re pre-stocked, or cut on demand), and even if they do, whether they would go with the dimensions I used, or some other size (perhaps some customers might not want to remove the bezel, even though it’s so easy and helps so much with the installation?).

However, as the service is so good, I recommend either reaching out to them prior to ordering to confirm dimensions, or submitting a custom quote request for the exact size you want.


Some close-ups showing the detail of the corners.

Without bezel:

With bezel:


I’m also in Australia and got to custom cut a protector. Very happy with their service and their matte anti glare film.

I’m in Australia and purchased a photodon MTX for framework for $72.50 AUD which includes one screen protector and cheapest shipping. It took 5 days to arrive. I may have purchased a Brotect instead from or even a custom protector if I had paid attention to this thread before hastily ordering a photodon.

I found application of the protector a bit scary since i don’t really have fine motoring skills. Overall I’m pleased at the job, I have maybe 4 teeny bubbles that may just disappear and they’re not a bother when the display isn’t black. In case anyone does go this route, remove the bezel before applying the protector, it makes things a little easier.

As for the result - I don’t see any difference in clarity before or after. I’m rating this screen protector a 10/10.

After going through this pain of getting a screen protector, I’m less adamant that Framework should sell matte displays as going the screen protector route is not that annoying and gives the same result as a native matte screen in the end (imo).

Here are some pics:

Without matte:

With matte screen sample (bottom right corner) - notice that the Fastmail icon (top rightmost icon) is more visible/clear whereas it’s unreadable without the matte.

Full matte protector (bubble visible):


Re Schutzfolien24: I bought phone protectors and ever since I get offers of a 10% discount. So, if you are really tight, or place one order for a group of people – order something cheap and use the discount for the bulk order.


Re dust:
I have sucessfully applied a protector to a smartphone under a running shower. However, the phone is rated IP54 and for extra caution I had removed the battery.


The first digit indicates the “Solid particle protection”
5 = Dust-protected: dust will not interfere with the satisfactory operation of the equipment.
The second digit indicates the “Liquid ingress protection”
4 = Splashing water: water splashing against the enclosure shall have no harmful effect.


  • The water on the protector’s sticky side does no harm; on the contrary, while the protector is not fixed in place yet, it ‘swims’ on a thin water layer and slips around very easily.
  • First pressure should be applied in the center, and from there outward (duh). Early in the pressing and swiping the protector wants to move with the swipe and must actively be held in place. No worry, a misalignment is no problem yet, because:
  • During the process the force required to adjust the protector increases and the protector clings more and more to its position with the water removal. This makes it easy to make fine adjustments very late in the process. The less water, the more sticky.
  • Most bubbles can be swept out, the rest, and the remaining water is gone soon. So, don’t sweat it and scratch the protector using too much force. This was on a phone, on a laptop screen there is more water and it has to travel farther to the edges; I expect it to take up to several days.

Result: No dust at all, and within a day no remaining bubbles and no moisture left around the edges.

How to do this with a Framework?

  • Either take out the screen (repairability FTW!) and tape every gap and the backside waterproof all around.
  • Or pull off the bezel, put the whole machine in a watertight plastic bag (saran wrap is tempting but leaves too many gaps) that then is taped around the rim of the display in such a way that only the surface where the protector will go is exposed to water. Still better to also remove the battery and the CMOS battery. Yes, this works, I had success with a netbook (ah, those were the days…).

All outcomes will be your responsibility, face it!

Whish you luck!

That’s interesting (he said from way over there). I wonder if this technique could be used / is being used commercially…

Doubt it. It adds risk of water ingress into the product. Or else, it has to be applied early in the process on the not yet assembled displays where they have already clean enough rooms for their assembly. The market for aftermarket protector application is not big enough (it is simply too easy to DIY; also: IKEA effekt) a business here would not fly, imo.

BTW: Repeated successfully yesterday a protector assembly under a kitchen faucet that had a ‘spray’ option. Better light and more surface to put things on than in a shower. :slight_smile:

I installed the matte screen protector from ViaScreens a few days ago and it’s been great. I had the initial impression that contrast appeared lowered but now I’m not sure this is really the case. Some pointers:

  1. It might be a good idea to do the initial placement with the sticky tabs whilst the laptop is on so you can check it’s lining up perfectly with the actual working area of the panel. The glass extends beyond what the screen actually shows, but the protector seems cut to perfectly match the working display, so it is hard to correctly centre it with the correct borders whilst the screen is off. I managed to do a decent job but still slightly misplaced on the y axis, so there are about 2 rows of pixels at the top of the display not covered. As this is where I have my status bar I am not bothered however.

  2. I would suggest taking the magnetic bezel off whilst installing, as I did, however will point out when I placed the bezel back on, the bottom right corner somehow pushes the protector up and off the screen a tiny bit, making a little air bubble. I’m hoping this will go away with time or if I reseat the bezel a few times. I can attach a picture if it isn’t clear what I mean.

  3. If you are going to add a screen protector I highly recommend installing it before you start using the laptop. It took ages getting off every last bit of dust, and ViaScreens doesn’t provide alcohol wipes which made it a lot easier for me (I had an optical wipe spare).

Finally, I received 2 protectors. Is this expected or have they accidentally given me a spare?

They gave me a spare, also. I believe it is on purpose, if you mess up badly the first time.
Mine fits nicely and has the edges covered completely by the bezel.

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I finally installed the Photodon MXT 50% and am loving it so far!

This is after using the stock laptop screen for almost 1.5 years. My screen without a protector only had a tiny line scratch on the bottom right hand corner which I didn’t even notice.

The installation process was fairly straightforward, but it did take a while to prepare (both physically and mentally). I’ve had plenty of experience installing phone screen protectors, but nothing this large. Definitely read the instructions like they say!

To help prevent dust, I installed it in my bathroom with the shower head spraying hot water to increase humidity. I took the bezel off to clean the entire screen, but put it back on since it’s much easier to align the film with it on. The film’s dimensions are slightly smaller than the bezel’s. As the instructions say, ensure you’re familiar with how to align the film so the gaps on every side are equal (about 1-2mm less than the bezel on each side).

I laid the laptop’s screen flat down and carefully/slowly applied the film long-ways, making sure to squeegee out any air bubbles and remove any new dust that stuck to the underside of the film or screen with the included sticky pad/tape.

After installation, on white screen, there was a noticeable piece of fine dust/strand that didn’t produce any bubbles. It’s definitely fine to lift the film after it’s already been applied to remove it. Just be very careful and have gloves on to prevent oil/fingerprints. And I had a sharp pair of tweezers to lift one corner up (though this bent the corner up slightly so a very tiny part of that no longer sticks down).

I ended up with no air bubbles/debris except for a very tiny piece that I somehow couldn’t remove. I think it might not be due to debris and from a tiny nick.

There are already fantastic photos in this thread. Here are some of mine:

Bare screen:

Full installation:

Click for more photos

These photos were taken with the screen flat down 180 degrees under my warm-yellow-ish bathroom lights. Yes, that’s a faucet in the corner :slight_smile:
Edit: also screen’s around 25-30% brightness.


With sample installed:

With sample with flash 1:

With sample with flash 2:

With sample closeup 1:

With sample closeup 2:

With sample closeup 3:

With sample screen off:

Full installation without bezel:

Full installation with bezel:

I added on the “Deluxe Screen Protector Install & Care Kit” to my order. I think it was worth it. It came with cleaner, staticide, squeegee (which has a nice cloth scraping end), gloves, 3 different towels, and a very small tacky tape pad. I think the gloves are essential and wish they provided more tacky tape.

Oh and definitely put the hinges flat 180 degrees down before removing the bezel like Framework’s website guide says. I accidentally cracked both sides of the plastic bezel at the top, though I’ve taken it off many times before and am not too careful with it. Not a big deal, and nothing glue can’t fix.

Thanks to everyone in this thread for sharing!


just replaced my Photodon with a ViaScreen. Used the cleaner form photodon and the staticide. It is a very humid day in Houston so did this on the kitchen table. Probably cleaned the screen 20 times with a moist lens cloth. No particles no bubbles. Very happy with the result. My last two installs were not that great.

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