Matte screen protector

Could work, but I would worry about clarity if the film isn’t adhered to the screen itself.

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Yeah, you’d have an air gab or bubbling. You 100% need to adhere it to the screen


A matte screen protector isn’t satisfactory for me. I’d rather apply that cost toward the purchase of a true matte screen. If you know where such a compatible screen can be purchased, please post.


Just a note that matte screens are in general regular screens which have a matte layer permanently laminated on. There are service providers like Photodon who will do that lamination onto existing panels in a clean room (though their current lamination methods are not permanent).


@Zax Good point. I guess I was thinking that since the bezel is (presumably—I’m still waiting for delivery of my machine so I don’t know) already in contact with the screen, a matte film or privacy protector built into the bezel would naturally be in sufficient contact with it. I suppose if it had a cling-like property, that might work, but there may still be bubble issues. I recall using a 3M privacy filter years ago, and that didn’t need to adhere to the screen.

Maybe this would work for a privacy filter, but not for a screen protector? I would be interested in that. Would be convenient for on/off when traveling (if we ever get to do that again!).


The folks at Photodon sent over a few samples. Here is a side-by-side of an MXT matte screen protector and the regular Framework Laptop, with both systems set to full brightness.

From a viewpoint with high glare, the matte screen protector works great and diffuses light to where the screen can still be used normally. From a viewpoint with low glare, the matte screen looks a little less vibrant.


@nrp Looking good there! Don’t suppose the dimensions were close to 284mm×189mm?

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It looks like it is probably around 285.5mmx190.5mm. They will be listing up screen protectors sized for the Framework Laptop soon.


Wow that’s amazing I’m glad to be in batch 3 so i get time for these to be made and I can hopefully out it on right when I get my laptop.

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@A_L The dimensions of the film require the removal of the bezel. Personally I find this as a positive because the install is visually seamless as all edges rest under the bezel.


@nrp will Framework put Screen protectors in the shop as well? I know it wouldn’t make much sense for US customers aside from maybe a little extra profit for Framework, but ordering from Photodon in Europe seems not that straightforward and potentially costly, whereas I’d only pay shipping and taxes once if I ordered everything from Framework.

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That is something we may do in the future. Via Screens seems to be UK-based as another option in the near term.


Sounds like I’m going to need 2 panels. One that’s unprotected and normal and one that I can use outdoors in the field.

Meh, I’ll just get 2


@nrp Somewhat detailed question to which totally understand if there is not an ‘official’ answer, but would be glad for even some intuition: from @themachine 's experience with the Via Screen product it sounds like it is certainly possible for the bezel to sit on top of the protector, which I agree with them has an aesthetic advantage. Is there a reason (?stress on the housing for instance) to disfavor this and instead have the entire protector within the inner border of the bezel (like the Photodon dimensions you mentioned)? Thanks!

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Well, I ordered from Via Screens the other day and the order has shipped, so I’ll find out how easy/useful their model is. I got the “middle” one for anti glare. I suspect that the thinness of the film will make it relatively easy to be underneath the bezel, and the magnetic attachment should allow for quite a bit of give.


We haven’t tested having the screen protector sit behind the bezel. There is risk though that if the bezel presses on the screen protector that it will cause light bleed due to pressure on the panel. If the screen protector is thin enough, that may not be an issue, but sizing it to fit within the bezel cutout would prevent that issue.


I’m waiting for orders to open in Europe to order one. Any chance it will have a matte option at time of order, even if it’s only a pre-installed laminate like the ones above? I’ve tried before at another laptop and I suck at installing those things myself.


I just finally got around to installing the Via Screens Matte protector on my Framework (and a Paper model on my iPad). I received two of each in the order, despite thinking I would only receive one of each. This was nice, in case there’s an installation issue.

The Framework protector is exactly sized to fit the shiny portion of the display, which, I didn’t measure, but seems to fit under the bezel when reinstalled.

I didn’t encounter any problems with the install - amazingly, since every other time I’ve installed a screen protector I’ll have every dust particle in the room be instantly drawn to the activity. In fact, I put off the installation so long (a week and a half after receiving it) because I wasn’t mentally ready to deal with what I assumed would be ultimately frustrating and possibly money-wasting. But also, after the install, the bezel fits back just fine, no strange display distortion or anything.

In all, I think the matte-ness of the protector is just right. I still have a bit of glare but there’s significantly less “shine” and the colors are nearly unaffected. While I would prefer a matte screen from the factory, I would definitely get this again.

On a side note, the paper protector for the iPad looks great, too.


@N.P Did you get the Via Matte, or Matte Lite? Trying to decide which to get. Leaning toward the Matte.


I got the Matte (SKU N2270639).