FW16 Memory Channel 0 not working

I just got my FW16 - Batch 11
I purchased new 2x 32GB T-CREATE DDR5 5600 chips, and I think that RAM Channel 0 doesn’t work.

I’ve upgraded the BIOS to no effect.

I tested:

  • both chips in each channel - doesn’t boot.
  • each chip in channel 0 - doesn’t boot.
  • each chip in channel 1 - works.

I left each scenario that doesn’t boot for 20+ min the power light stays on and eventually the fans start running as it heats up but the screen remains blank.

Open to any suggestions, thanks for your help.

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Hm… maybe I’m misunderstanding something, but I don’t see that listed n the Framework 16’s RAM compatibility page.

I know this isn’t particularly helpful, but this might be a hardware problem. I’d suggest talking to Framework’s support people, though I suspect they’ll only be able to say that that memory isn’t supported.

I have reached out to support, but I expect that it will take a while given the sheer amount of fullfillment going on. I posted here in case I missed something. I’m also not looking forward to have to return the motherboard and going back to waiting without a working laptop.

I can understand that its not a brand on the validated list of memory but it is a DDR5 5600 stick. Its hard to believe that there is a compatibility issue such that only 1 channel is compatible with the brand.

From what I see can other users have been able to install just 1 stick and have it work in either channel. So there doesn’t seem to be a motherboard channel preference for just one stick.

I had to do a motherboard RMA for a different issue. They first sent me a motherboard, and are having me return the original with the packaging from the replacement.

You probably already know, but debris is a possible explanation. Try compressed air, if you have it.

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Compressed air was a good idea, I hadn’t thought of it because I felt no resistance and it didn’t look dirty. But alas, it did not work.

Thanks for letting me know about your RMA experience, that does give me some relief that I will have a minimal disruption.

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