Laptop Only Boots with 1 Memory Module

Good afternoon everyone,

Very excited to receive my Framework DIY today. I followed the guide and put everything together, and on the my first attempts, the laptop didn’t boot. After some troubleshooting and deciphering the POST codes, it appeared to be a memory issue (the 11th POST led was orange). I followed the steps here. Reseating did not solve the issue. What did solve the issue is only booting with 1 module of memory.

Both modules will boot on their own with no issues, but when I try to boot with the second module, I get no screen and the same POST code as before. I ordered 2x8 of crucial from framework when I initially ordered the laptop. I am at a complete loss and wasn’t able to find others with this issue. Anyone have any thoughts on what could be causing this?

Sorry to hear that.
Did you try both memory sockets with both modules? Could you please try all combinations and try to boot?

  1. Mod A in Socket A
  2. Mod A in Socket B
  3. Mod B in Socket A
  4. Mod B in Socket B
  5. Mod A in Socket A & Mod B in Socket B
  6. Mod A in Socket B & Mod B in Socket A

Maybe we can pinpoint the error :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the quick reply, Mod A and B boot when in Socket 0, with no booting when either of the modules are in Socket 1, on their own or in pairs.

Sounds like socket 1 on the mainboard is dead. You should raise a support ticket with Framework

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Sounds like a plan. I will attempt that and update this post as events occur!

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Update for everyone: After going through these steps (and just letting the laptop sit for 20 minutes), they’re sending a replacement main board.