Missing documentation for Intel 13th gen

The Framework-Laptop-13 repo on Github does not seem to be updated for Intel 13th gen. There’s no mention in the README, and no e.g. Mainboard_Interfaces_Schematic_13th_Gen.pdf.

Similarly the EmbeddedController repo is also missing documentation for the 13th gen, and possibly the relevant code unless it’s also built from hx30?

Am I looking in the wrong place, or is this information not available even though all the pre-orders have shipped and the laptop is now in stock? If it’s not available, when can we expect it to be?


There is a chance that they are a bit behind on these things with all the work currently going into the releases of the AMD 13" mainboards and the Framework Laptop 16. I would send a message with this info to support so they can route your concerns to the appropriate party.