RTC Battery issue 11th Gen Batch 1

Finally had an issue with the RTC battery draining on my FW13.
My daughter had borrowed the PC to use MS EDGE for a form, and didn’t return it to me.

Got it back after 2 weeks and no boot until after a little charging.
When it did boot, the BIOS settings I use were reset to defaults.

Haven’t had this issue before, but I’ve steadily used my PC.
Have not applied any of the rework solutions.

Happy that it started up, without further issues.
Still happy with my FW13!

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The RTC battery from my batch 1 11th gen has already gone completely flat once. Sounds like it’s time for you to replace yours!

Preventive maintenance.
Must get one from Amazon / somewhere.

and be careful changing it.

Be careful to ensure you purchase a rechargeable ML1220 and not a standard CR1220. If you put in a battery that is not rechargeable, you may risk damaging the board.


Buy two or three! I’m on my third battery!

However, handing over the Framework to my other half and she will be using it daily so shouldnt be an issue going forward. :wink:

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