Model 13 Running Linux 21.3 Overheats, Doesn't Go Into Sleep Mode, And Gaming Issues

I did look for a solution to this problem both on here and through a web search, but couldn’t find anything. Some people have mentioned their model 13 overheating when the lid is closed, but every post applied to using Windows instead. The strange thing is mine doesn’t actually doesn’t go into sleep mode when I close it, even when I have it set to that in the power management settings. Another strange thing is when I’m playing a computer game, even one that doesn’t require a lot of power to begin with, such as BookWorm, for example, the fan overworks itself. What do you recommend?

Which fw13 do you use? Amd or which intel gen?

Which OS do you run? Which kernel version? Which BIOS version?

I you have an amd phoenix fw13 then you should probably start by running this script to discover any issue related to s2idle:

Did you check the thermal or power usage data from sensors in these situations? How much hot is your chip in these situations? Maybe a game requires more power than you expect or maybe your cooling system is faulty… how can anyone know without data.

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Linux 21.3? Are you talking running Linux Mint 21.3? Linux Mint and most static Ubuntu releases tend to run on outdated kernels.
I would recommend, if you wanted to continue running Linux Mint, to install the OEM kernel:
Open a terminal and paste sudo apt-get install linux-oem then hit enter. Once it finishes installing, reboot and you should be running the up-to-date oem kernel.

I’d also recommend giving Fedora Linux 40 a try, as everything just works out of the box: