Modular design idea for future Frameworks

I just saw der8auer’s video on an Intel notebook showing a modular NUC like design for the motherboard

Quite interesting, maybe we can use similar compute elements for future frameworks while having modular components for the rest. Perhaps from there we can have ARM compute elements to be socketed the same way too.

However, this means that the RAM will be soldered on though :frowning:

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I’ve seen it too, and was wondering why you could not fit sodimm on the computer element.

Will have to be bigger and to be openable to change it, but nothing too extreme in my opinion


The mainboards are essentially this, a bit confused by what’s so special about them. The cooling is more ineffecient as well.

I guess it would be like a giant daughter board + SOC, which is kinda like a desktop system (CPU+Mobo), motherboards can’t change sockets and RAM slots to accommodate the next generation. This kinda works around it.

But this is exactly what the mainboard that framework currently sells is? The 12th gen mainboard has a different “socket” although it doesn’t support DDR5 to keep it cheaper.

Yea, so is like a socket agnostic thing. And kinda like Apple where the controllers (wifi, etc) are found on that compute element.