Please make a non-modular version!

Dear @Framework,

now that you’ve made several modular laptops I was thinking if maybe you could create a non-modular version that is soldered/glued together?

This way you can maybe shave off a few mm from your height, you would only loose the upgradability which shouldn’t be a big deal anyway, look at all those apple users.

Btw, today (april 1st) is a great day to start creating some designs!


I agree! I really need that extra 800MT/s on my soldered RAM. Why would anyone be using unsoldered RAM in this day and age anyways?
Also please solder the SSD, it adds too much height.
Also like why is the battery removable. That’s such a fire hazard.
Please glue the thing together Framework, I don’t want some thief to come and steal my components.


Oh my god, that’s an even better advantage! It would have a kensington lock that could be cloud-activated with a subscription model to always receive the latest updates!


Yeah. The current laptop as it is is honestly a deal-breaker.
I really love Framework as a company and what they stand for, but if they don’t make a Laptop with zero modularity then I can’t support them.


I mean they claim that it’s all about choice but if we can’t have a sealed & locked-down device what choice do we really have?


I think the solution is to a genetically lock a set of modules that pop in the back of the neck and run from excess body heat. I really don’t like batteries.

I’m sure we can use the optic nerves and dispense with a screen, and of course it all works on speech so no keyboard.

Come on Framework pull your fingers out and let’s see some innovation.

Metal chassis with bits and pieces slotted in, it’s totally archaic, I’m so embarrassed I fell for the hype and have to carry this decades old design, what’s it called again ?? Oh yes a computer. Really it’s about time we got over these lego toys.


The fact that chassis intrusion detection is an optional BIOS setting (disabled by default) is highly insecure on the current product lineup. I expect this vulnerability to be patched and accompanied by a hardware fuse so only Framework Support can get the laptop working again if some vandal tries to take it apart.

I’m also not happy about the prospect of a framework phone—I drop my phone a lot and I’m not looking forward to having it shatter like LEGO set 3178: Seaplane (2010) if I sneeze while trying to shut off an alarm. I don’t have any evidence to back this up, but I think stepping on a 1x1 at 6 AM would be less painful than a stray camera module.


Personally, I don’t even want a laptop with a toggle to disable the camera and microphone. That’s just too many options. How is Framework supposed to know my reactions to their blog posts if they can’t see my face at all times? Seems like a huge oversight to let the user turn it off.


Ideally they release a laptop that is just welded together, I mean just a lot of metal, therefore, no fans needed, it just absorbs the heat, and your never using it for terribly long right? So it can dissipate the heat later


Also I just learned that framework uses a hall sensor…

This is a deal-breaker, i can only settle for an angle sensor that is calibrated by framework otherwise there’s large security risks…

Please switch to using angle sensors asap. What year are we in? 2022?


This is clearly the topic for the future design team :slight_smile:

Not for the wishy washy " i want another module, a touch screen, more battery power " just where would they take the future, down the road of increased consumer dependence under the guise of independence.

Is there an emoticon for :makes my blood boil:


I think this topic can be closed, it seems that it doesn’t matter just how great your ideas have if nobody is going to buy them.

Maybe we can revisit this in the future (1, 2 years) and the world is ready then.


Trying to cut down conversations on the most brilliant ideas, shame on you. I would expect that from Apple, Google and Microsoft but this is the Anarchist Non-Kingdom. As an individual herein cut me from your forum ~ I shall not only survive but trying to curtail my freedom shall enhance my spirit.

Thank you for the push, I was already away with the fairies now I’m hanging by a thread of the void


Back to topic:

Sorry about that;

The Universe is One Word, modules, nodules and infinite vibrations.