More Solidworks questions - Framework 16

Hey all,
I have a client that has a 5 year old Thinkpad p52s and he runs Solidworks and it has started to damage the internal graphics adapter (I’ve seen this a lot on even the $5000 Thinkpads, the heat kills them) and he wants a new laptop and if we’re going to lay down just shy of $2700 for one i’d like to do a framework because I can easily pull out a burned up graphics module and swap it, but I have some questions:

  1. I know the graphics module will run Solidworks just fine, but how’s the heat dissipation under load?
  2. If something happens and Framework goes out of business (heaven forbid) are the PCB layout and component files available for me to have a new graphics module and shell built from nothing if I had to?



Probably have to wait until after the initial pre-orders are out in the wild. I’m sure at least someone out there will be reverse engineering the GPU setup for just such a purpose!

Framework provides all the info needed. But creating a custom graphics card is not something most people have the resources to do, or the money to pay to have done.

See Framework’s github for documentation.
Especially ExpansionBay/PCB Reference Design/FW_EXPANSION_BAY_PCB_0807.pdf at main · FrameworkComputer/ExpansionBay · GitHub