Mouse pad click fatigue?


I’ve had a Framework 12th gen since about September 2022 and it’s been “in production” (daily use) since March 2023. I’m really happy with it: I think it’s one of the best computer I’ve ever owned, which is no small feat considering I’ve owned a Mac Plus (yes I’m old).

Recently though the mouse touchpad seems to be showing signs of fatigue. It feels as if the left mouse button doesn’t always activate reliably. For example, right now it seems to work fine: I click here and there and things just generally work. But it sometimes just doesn’t work so well until I generally mash the thing until it does.

Could there be some dust settling below it or something? How do I diagnose or trea this?

I do not believe this is a case of Touchpad Rubbing Fix Guide - Framework Guides

I’m not sure that’s relevant, but here’s the answers to the boilerplate:

  • Which OS (Operating System)? Linux
  • Which release of your OS (Operating System / Windows 10, 11, Distribution of Linux)? Debian 12 “bookworm”
  • Which Framework laptop (11th, 12th or 13th generation Framework laptop) are you asking for support with? 12th
  • If this is a Linux issue, please use the Linux tag or at least put Linux in the title. I do not believe this is a linux-specific issue
  • If there is no information pertaining to your issue or question, please let us know here: Framework | Support Framework | Support uh?

Just looking from the guide, Touchpad Replacement Guide - Framework Guides, you should be able to remove the piece of the trackpad responsible for the click. Check for any dust/debris and give it a wipe with alcohol.


I have the same intermittent issue with the left mouse button not registering clicks.

OS: Fedora 38
Model: DIY 11th gen

Try giving it a clean. If it doesn’t work, you might want to consider a trackpad replacement.

So I did open up the framework. I followed the Touchpad Rubbing Fix Guide - Framework Guides but also unscrewed the unit completely and removed the plate in front of it to actually be able to pull it slightly out without having to disconnect all those ribbons as in Touchpad Replacement Guide - Framework Guides

I scrubbed the pads under the two tabs on the sides of the touchpad module. Hard to explain where that is:

The above image outlines a screw at the bottom left of the module. The tabs are at the top-left (and top-right), slightly to the right and below that top-left screw, I circled the area in red. I think those are actual connectors that when the touchpad is pushed, the are open which makes the “tap” be detected… But I’m really just guessing here.

Things look a bit better at first glance… but now I’m docked so I’m not actually using the touchpad… will report later.