Laptop Touchpad Left Click Isn't Working Properly

Hi, I’ve had my Ryzen framework laptop for about a week and started to notice that the left button on my touchpad has two click “levels” but the right button does not show this behavior (single click only).

Is this normal? It isn’t very pleasant to use the touchpad since I sometimes can’t tell whether I’ve pressed the button enough to register a click.


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That’s not normal. Have you contacted Support yet? If you’re comfortable with opening up the laptop, you can try readjusting the trackpad and see if that fixes it. Here’s the guide Touchpad Rubbing Fix Guide - Framework Guides.

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I have. However, the automated response from support advises users to reach out via the support forum, so here I am :slight_smile:

Thanks for the guide, I’ll give it a try tonight.

They should be in contact with you within the next business day or so. Just a word of advice, do not overtightening the screws. If you apply too much force, you can strip the screws. Only tighten it up to the point where you feel some resistance.

Hi, I still haven’t received a response from support. I also realigned the touchpad, but the double-click issue is still present. It’s been nearly a week!

In that case, you should DM a mod and see if they can put you in touch with the team.

I’m following this thread as my laptop just started doing this too. Batch 1 AMD, had it about a week. Everything else is amazing. This is just annoying. Can you let us know what your eventual resolution is? Thanks.

I haven’t received a reply to my support email and can’t find a list of mods anywhere. I think this request has fallen into the void, unfortunately.

I’m sure support is super busy right now with all the batches going out. I put in a ticket just now so I’ll report back on my eventual outcome. I’m fine if this takes a week or two, personally, as the touchpad works but is just an annoying issue. Two of us could indicate a bigger problem.

@Fraoch is a mod. Another option is to DM TheTwistGibber as he’s a head of one of the support departments. Framework just released a post detailing support status recently and they are absolutely hammered.

If you’ve received an automated message from support then your email is reachable and yes, you are in the system.

True, I’ve seen the numbers, it’s multiples of normal.

If you hadn’t received an automated message then your email is unreachable and we should definitely investigate further.

Please wait a few more days. Please don’t submit another ticket, that one will just go to the end of the line, adding to the queue, and won’t get your original one answered any quicker.

Our friend Twist is in a group meeting at FW headquarters and will be unreachable for a day or two. He would be the one I would ping anyway, so please wait just a bit longer.

If you don’t hear anything before the end of the week, post back here and we’ll look into it.

I understand they’re busy, but a week is a very generous delay. We’re all busy, but the automated e-mail message and overall messaging doesn’t reflect this.

Yes, I received the confirmation message.

What does the ETA for RMAing a touchpad look like?

Speaking from my experience, I was in contact with Support for 1 business day and they decided to do an RMA for my input cover. A replacement was shipped out shortly and it took about 3 days for it to reach me (from the U.S to Canada). Then, I shipped back the defective input cover.

Was this before, or after the recent spike in support tickets?

Before the spike but once they’ve decided to go through with the RMA, it should move quickly from there. When Support sends you a response, I would recommend thoroughly detailing all the steps you’ve done to try and fix it as well as a video of the issues just to minimize the number of emails sent back and forth. It should help to move things along.

This sounds great, but I’m hoping that support chimes in with more information. For all we know, they may not have enough compatible touchpads to meet demand and RMAs may wind up getting delayed to meet shipping deadlines.

I believe they have a US warehouse that is used for the marketplace orders separate from the Taiwan factory. That’s why you can’t combine marketplace orders with laptop orders. So it’s a good sign that touchpads are in stock for the marketplace. Framework | Touchpad Kit

@TheTwistgibber Can you comment on this? I’m still waiting for a response from support. It’s been a few weeks! What’s going on?!

How long has it been since you submitted the ticket, or done anything like bump the ticket or submit another ticket?

I was told not to submit another ticket/email and bump the thread instead. The support experience so far is far from “stellar.”