MSP and Partner Program


Is there any plans for a MSP or Partner program?

I’m seeing a huge potential in using Framework Laptops to support my customers, allow for easy on-site repair or send a replacement part directly to the customer with one of your easy DIY guides.

This honestly could change the enterprise laptop market, allowing IT teams on-prem to repair laptops and have staff back on their feet in under an hour!



Came here to ask the same. This would really open up a world of possibilities for those of us supporting our clients.


I agree this would be amazing! We might have to wait for partners to see that these are robust and performance machines in the wild before they partner, so I suspect it would take some time.

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I came here looking for the same thing.

It would be awesome if you had a partner program or a kit we could buy to resell.

I have a couple retail stores and this would be amazing.

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