My first batch Ryzen edition's battery capacity is already down from 55Wh to 50Wh. How are yours looking?

I knew batteries degraded pretty quick, but I’m surprised it’s this much this fast. Is this in line with yours, or am I just really bad at taking care of mind. 7640u by the way.

From HWinfo:

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Have you done a full discharge and recharge? These battery health estimators can be inaccurate. And the capacity should not have dropped by that much.

In general batteries tend to lose 5-10% of their capacity pretty quickly and then degradation slows down significantly. What your seeing is maybe a bit worse than normal but not significantly.

Well, I tried one and it seems the reading went down to 47800mWh lol. Clearly it’s pretty inaccurate though, thanks

Designed Capacity: 60604
Full Charged Capacity: 61657