Need screw driver cirumference and length

I’d like to get a carrying case crafted for the tool and expansion cards that come with the Framework 16, but I forgot to take the tool (screw driver) with me. Returning home to fetch the tool is not an option.

Can anybody measure its circumference and length for me, so that I can make a paper tube?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Diameter is 10mm and length is 137mm with the tip installed and 123mm without.

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Mine looks exactly like this one:

The one I was sent it’s slightly longer (140 & 125) So I imagine there are batches with slight differences.

Mine is from an earlier batch probably. 11th Gen for the UK in Feb 22


Maybe not. Mine has a lost a little bit on the spudger side (broken off using excessive force, probably). Didn’t expect it being so much, though. FW16 batch 8, April of 2024 for Germany.

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Thanks, this should be enough for what I need :slight_smile: